The compound at Thomas

By Janette
3:26 AM PDT

The compound has a driveway area, room with 2 chairs and a tv, computer center, three classrooms, 2 rooms not being fully utilized (guys are sleeping in one). Upstairs of that building is the chapel. In back of that building is a small garden area.
There is a bath house that currently does not have running water. Toilets flush by dumping water from a bucket into the toilet. We all take “bucket baths.”

There is a third building which has cooking and dining room downstairs, and guest rooms upstairs. There is also a flushing toilet upstairs, because there is a water storage co tai er – 100 gallons or more – up here. The faucets don’t work in the sink, but the spigot in the shower works enough to fill the bucket for the bucket bath 🙂

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Monday’s Activities

by Janette Saavedra
7:57 PM PDT

We got up yesterday, went to Palm Sunday service where we were dedicated and commissioned to leave. We did this at MUMC and at S/GUMC. Then we had some pizza at the Williams home and hit the road to Mountain View. In Mountain View we had some time to walk at Shoreline Park, then ate dinner at a nearby Togos. We went to SFO to board the overnight plane to NJ, then on to Haiti. We had breakfast in the terminal, and lunch on the plane. We landed about 1 pm-ish. Got the TONS of luggage we needed to haul here (leaving most of it behind when we leave) went thru immigration and customs with zero problems.
Got the luggage into a truck, with 4 team members then the other 10 drove with Johnny to Thomas.
Got here, unpacked, set up rooms, ate dinner, washed up dishes, hung mosquito nets, had devotions and team check in, got ready for bed… Journaled…..

It is nearly 11 pm here. I think we will probably sleep pretty well 🙂


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Layover in Newark

by Diane
4:38 am PDT

We are now in Newark, New Jersey. The flight, was, I would say uncomfortable because we were crammed in like in a Mercury capsule, and it was really pretty hard to sleep. Otherwise everything on the flight went well. Most everybody is sort of fussing about the fact that they didn’t get much sleep. But now we have a relaxing time here at the Newark airport because the gate that we leave on is the same gate that we came in on and we have 3 hours. Mando and I just had breakfast. And we’ll walk back and see what the other people are doing. I will file my next report, whenever I can communicate.

First Leg of the Journey

By Diane,
It’s now 9 pm and we in the San Francisco Airport waiting to board our flight that leaves at 10:15. This is a welcome relax after the hectic time of preparation and the drive. The service at Memorial and Grace were both very moving. After a Pizza lunch at the Williams, we began our drive to San Francisco. Here at the airport, we met the Fijians who will to drive our cars back to Mountain View for safe parking. Next, on to Newark, NJ. More later…..


Taken just before departure from Grace UMC, Fresno, at 2:20, March 24.
The Haiti Team:

Dedication Service

Dedication of the Haiti Team at Memorial’s Palm Sunday Service

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By Diane

Sorry I missed sending a post on T-1 day. Too many other details to think about. Still a few running around in my mind this morning. Now it is our Departure Day and our Double Dedication Day.
Yesterday, we loaded two of our vans with 13 bags of gifts for the Haiti mission. Plus many of us have gift items in our carry-ons, saving us from having to pay $25 for the 14th checked bag we would be allowed with 14 travelers. We hope none of the bags exceed the allowable size. We worked hard to achieve that.
Today, we and our mission will be dedicated at the 10 a.m. service at Memorial and at the 11 a.m. service at Sierra Grace. We will all gather at the William’s house for lunch before our departure to San Francisco to board our flight to Newark — then on to Haiti tomorrow!
We will continue to post to this blog when any form of communication allows us to do it. Please pray for all of us and for a successful mission.

Final Packing For The Trip

The Haiti Team gathers Saturday evening to finalize the packing for the trip.


By Diane
Greetings from Clovis. Yes, we are still here. It’s T-2 days and this is still a test to see how the blog works.
Our biggest challenge now seems to be to get everything packed. We thought we had made good progress on packing all the gifts last Saturday but it turned out that some of the bags were too big for airline regulations. So now we’re looking for bags that are big enough to be worthwhile, yet not too big to go for the regular rate. Well, that’s all for now. Back to packing.

Haiti Team Departs March 24th

Sunday, at about 3 PM, the Haiti Missionary Team will leave Clovis for San Francisco for a flight to Newark, NJ.  From there a flight to Port au Prince. Then travel by land to Thomas.

There will be a formal send-off at the Palm Sunday worship service at Memorial at 10 am.