What we did on Wednesday

By Janette

Some folks left to go to market. They are buying groceries for the next few days. Without refrigeration we only get enough food for a couple of days at a time!.

Others took a run into Cabaret to use the internet cafe. Diane & Corrie stayed there to post the blog and pictures from the first couple of days.
Others, me included, then headed back to get propane in Archaie. Got a flat tire. Stopped to add air. Stopped to grab the spare tire we left behind at Thomas. Then stopped at a place to help change the tire.

Stopped to get propane tank.
Also got ice cream! Niiiiice!
On to get the actual propane.
Swung by the Methodist Church building – right next to an irrigation ditch. Made it look like it had a mote. The irrigation water was gross with garbage!

Head back to Thomas.
Delivered the propane to the kitchen.
Had fun with the local kids – taking pictures, typing on iPad. A little girl just typing every letter and symbol on the keyboard taught me some stuff about this iPad that didn’t know!
The group from the market had been delayed by a flat tire on their truck. Steven (the interpreter) was left behind and had to take a tap tap (Haitian taxi) back to Thomas!

Had lunch.

Sent folks to Cabaret to retrieve Diane and Corrie who ended up stranded there! They also had ice cream before coming back.
Things had taken so long to be accomplished that we were not able to visit the irrigation ditch to make clean water. Sigh.

Hung the world maps in the classrooms.

Had a terrific dinner of rice & beans, meat – probably goat – potatoes & carrots, salad of tomatoes and lettuce. (We can eat the salad at Thomas because UMCOR trained the cooks on how to prepare the lettuce so people won’t get sick.)

Folks getting their hair braided again! Too much fun

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Trips To Town – March 27

By Diane

Today we are making various trips to town. This is market day so one group is shopping for our food and the school lunches for the next few days. Another group went after propane. Corrie and I are at the internet café in town attempting to send photos and now some text. A group is also supposed to go out to an irrigation ditch to purify some water with the purifier we brought.