Haiti – Day Two – March 26

By Diane

Six of us met for a quick yoga (standing) session to start our day. Janette and I had fun trying to explain to the cooks how we wanted to make our tea. Then came breakfast of eggs, mangos, and peanut butter on bread.Warren gave us instructions for our work projects for the morning. One group went to town to change some of our cash into Haitian dollars (or gourds) and buy supplies at the hardware store.Another group is rebuilding the stand that holds the projector and other equipment in the computer room.I’m taking up one of the stations in the computer lab while the class is in session but they insist that it is ok.

Work continued through the day. A group worked on a series of outlets to support a charging station for cell phones. A rotating group of painters worked on the exterior of the guest house and some of the interior.

Lunch today was spaghetti and bread sticks.

A special treat for the painters came in the afternoon when a group of girls gathered in the girls’ room and sang Amazing Grace and other songs in Creole and English. The Haitian girls braided Corrie, Emma and Tessa’s hair. Corrie was another pied piper for the smaller girls as they gathered around her for photos(Sara also has a following of girls who are happy to see her again)

It is getting too late to continue with details but after dinner we went for a walk and wound up at a small store where Warren bought us Cokes. The music was blaring into the street and as we drank a crowd gathered. People were swaying to the music, so Janette started a dance which continued in many variations. One little Haitian girl kept the ball rolling with great enthusiasm.

At the devotions tonight, Steve and Diane were the featured subjects from Sue’s book. People shared how great it was to be among people who have such a joie de vri no matter what their material possessions may be.

The compound at Thomas

By Janette
3:26 AM PDT

The compound has a driveway area, room with 2 chairs and a tv, computer center, three classrooms, 2 rooms not being fully utilized (guys are sleeping in one). Upstairs of that building is the chapel. In back of that building is a small garden area.
There is a bath house that currently does not have running water. Toilets flush by dumping water from a bucket into the toilet. We all take “bucket baths.”

There is a third building which has cooking and dining room downstairs, and guest rooms upstairs. There is also a flushing toilet upstairs, because there is a water storage co tai er – 100 gallons or more – up here. The faucets don’t work in the sink, but the spigot in the shower works enough to fill the bucket for the bucket bath :)

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