Friday’s Activities

By Diane.
One of the other things we did on Thursday was to stop to buy a battery. The plan was to use the truck battery to run the equipment that would purify the water in the irrigation ditch. But Janette wondered how they could run the pump until the battery ran down and then drive the truck back down the hill with a dead battery. So we thought it would be prudent to go buy a separate battery. That did actually turn out quite well on the day that we did finally get to pump the water, which was Friday. So Friday the first team went out and started pumping the water. The second team came on the second load in the truck and went on up to another school further up the road. When we got up to where they were pumping the water, we stopped to see how things are going for a while. They were having some trouble with the pump. The filters were filling up really quickly and so we discovered that people could stick their hands in the water to keep leaves and twigs another degree from going into the intake.


Posted to Facebook by Janette on Thursday, March 28. Re-posted here.

Got some more painting done, and a few repairs. The power went out in the night because the 6.5 hour pre-funeral worship service held in the chapel in the compound drained all the solar batteries. Set us back a bit in the a.m. Ha! Then the staff of the compound was attending the funeral, so we had time to put on another layer of paint. They were TOTALLY dressed in their best clothes to attend the funeral. We were dressed in paint spotted clothes – we tried to stay out of the way! Ha! Got a light rain later in the day, but the paint seems fine. It is “tropical” latex paint. Who knew they made that? So cool!