Day one in Haiti – March 25

By Diane

There was little to see most of our time in the air, but we could feel the excitement mount when Sara spotted the faint coastline of an island appear in our view. This could be our destination.

We came in low over the outskirts of Port au Prince to a view of a mass of rusted and tarped roofs. The airport was a rush of immigration check points and lugging baggage out into the hot sun where we met One-Arm Jackson who guided us to our transportation.With all our bags and a few people in one truck and the rest of us in the van, we took off through the crowded streets. Our van driver, Johnny, was an expert at weaving his way around and through the lines of outgoing and incoming traffic. Many taptaps drove by with their brightly decorated exteriors and jam-packed cargo – human or otherwise.
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The compound at Thomas

By Janette
3:26 AM PDT

The compound has a driveway area, room with 2 chairs and a tv, computer center, three classrooms, 2 rooms not being fully utilized (guys are sleeping in one). Upstairs of that building is the chapel. In back of that building is a small garden area.
There is a bath house that currently does not have running water. Toilets flush by dumping water from a bucket into the toilet. We all take “bucket baths.”

There is a third building which has cooking and dining room downstairs, and guest rooms upstairs. There is also a flushing toilet upstairs, because there is a water storage co tai er – 100 gallons or more – up here. The faucets don’t work in the sink, but the spigot in the shower works enough to fill the bucket for the bucket bath :)

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