Blog Help


You may subscribe to the blog via the “Subscribe” button at the bottom. Each blog post will be emailed to you.

Share on your facebook page via the facebook button at the bottom of the post.

Categories maybe assigned to posts to help organize them when viewing. Select the category to view from the right side and only the posts in the selected category will show. If you select “All Categories”, you will see all posts in categories below that. If there are any posts in a category not under the “All Categories” category, they will not show.

Tags are similar. Tags will help the post be discover-able via Internet searches. They can be used to group posts that contain the same tags.

After viewing categories or tags, you might want to reset the blog to see all posts. Click Reset/Reload or the BLOG menu to see all again.

Don’t see changes? Press Control-F5 to clear browser cache. Or hold Control and click the page reload icon.

POSTING VIA EMAIL (for Haiti Team)

Optional commands you can use in email:
(Commands are what is inside the brackets, including the brackets. Put anywhere in your email text.)

  • [end] tells the blog to not post anything below it.
  • [category category, s] tells the blog to assign a category, Instructions, for this post. If you don’t use existing categories (recommended) a new one will be created.
  • [tag word, s] is similar to categories. This will create a new tag or use existing ones. Don’t use common words.
  • [title new title] over-rides the Subject. Without that, the Subject of the email is the Title.
  •  [more] to if you have a long post and don’t want it all to show on the posting page.
  •  [nextpage] Simiar to more. Use where you want break your post into pages.

Suggested Categories to use: Announcements, Conditions, Daily Activities, Events, Food, Haiti Facts, Impressions, Photos, Problems, Special Needs, Trip Prep, uncatagorized.

If you have problems emailing large pictures, it may be because of your email or ISP services.