Rob’s impressions

Recorded in Haiti by Diane (March 25-March 31)

I’m so impressed that they can live in the poverty that they live in and still be so happy and so pleasant to people from outside. I haven’t met anyone who’s been aggressive at all. They may look aggressive when you first look at them, but I think that is just one of their natural facial features. But once you say hello to them and extend a hand of friendship, they are right there with a big smile and to say hello, how are you and welcome.

And then, the issue of this particular church and being in the situation where they still need help and the hope that there will be others who will come behind us and work the little bit  that  they can to improve this church.

Other than that, I’m not too surprised about the living conditions. I fully expected to see a poverty situation. These people are resilient. With the help of their government I think they could enrich the life of help these people immensely.  One would be to start to get food back on the table. But that’s going to be rough row to hoe. This country has had a very volatile history. It’s been taken advantage of. I’m glad I’m here, glad I came and hopefully looking forward to coming again.