Holy Saturday

March 30, 2013Holy Saturday

As with many Christians in the US, folks in Haiti rest on this day.

Broke fast with oatmeal. Most of the team headed into the market to look for a dress &/or to get ingredients for the meal we will prepare for the staff on Sunday. It is challenging to try to cook a “typical” USA meal in Haiti because they don’t have many of our “typical” kinds of foods 🙂

Returned to the compound to drop off food then headed to Moulin Sur Mer – a resort up the coast. Each team member paid for ourselves and one guest to go – so we didn’t use money for Haitian relief for our day off. 🙂 We rode in two “tap taps” we hired for the day – about 14 people in each – some in the cab, most in the fancied-up bed of the truck, and a few on the roof.

We stopped to visit the museum. As we waited for the fees to be paid we wondered about a bit and took pictures of the stautes and the plentiful peacocks & peahens which were on the grounds of the resort. The museum had information about pre-Columbian life, about the oppression enforced by the Catholic Church, the revolution which won their independence, and various artifacts from Colonial times.

Next, we- staff & families and the team – enjoyed a large buffet, swam in the pool, swam in the ocean, played ping pong, did synchronized swimming, floated on noodles, played mini golf, played a dice game, slept, showered, shaved, washed hair… Was a wonderfully relaxing day.

Got back to the compound. We did some prep work for the Easter lunch we would make the next day. Using knifes we peeled carrots and potatoes. We washed them in bleach water then left them in saltwater over night. We washed beets. We boiled eggs.
We had team devotions while the beets boiled.
Some went to bed, and others worked together to pickle the beets and set the boiled eggs to marble in the beet juice (except about a dozen set aside to color and hide with kids tomorrow).

We left everything soaking and headed to bed about 11:30 pm.

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