The compound at Thomas

By Janette
3:26 AM PDT

The compound has a driveway area, room with 2 chairs and a tv, computer center, three classrooms, 2 rooms not being fully utilized (guys are sleeping in one). Upstairs of that building is the chapel. In back of that building is a small garden area.
There is a bath house that currently does not have running water. Toilets flush by dumping water from a bucket into the toilet. We all take “bucket baths.”

There is a third building which has cooking and dining room downstairs, and guest rooms upstairs. There is also a flushing toilet upstairs, because there is a water storage co tai er – 100 gallons or more – up here. The faucets don’t work in the sink, but the spigot in the shower works enough to fill the bucket for the bucket bath :)

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