Monday’s Activities

by Janette Saavedra
7:57 PM PDT

We got up yesterday, went to Palm Sunday service where we were dedicated and commissioned to leave. We did this at MUMC and at S/GUMC. Then we had some pizza at the Williams home and hit the road to Mountain View. In Mountain View we had some time to walk at Shoreline Park, then ate dinner at a nearby Togos. We went to SFO to board the overnight plane to NJ, then on to Haiti. We had breakfast in the terminal, and lunch on the plane. We landed about 1 pm-ish. Got the TONS of luggage we needed to haul here (leaving most of it behind when we leave) went thru immigration and customs with zero problems.
Got the luggage into a truck, with 4 team members then the other 10 drove with Johnny to Thomas.
Got here, unpacked, set up rooms, ate dinner, washed up dishes, hung mosquito nets, had devotions and team check in, got ready for bed… Journaled…..

It is nearly 11 pm here. I think we will probably sleep pretty well 🙂


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