Trip Preparations

By Ron Z

As one would expect, there’s a lot of prep involved with a big trip like this. Even though I’m not going, I want to help. I spent of time getting solar cells, cables, and batteries together to go with the group just to help insure everyone can communicate with home by keeping their cell phones charged. I have had previous experience with that. That stuff will stay in Haiti.
Since I, personally, want to hear as much as I can from the group, and my wife, I set up this blog site for everyone to use. I hope it gets used. It will be permanent, central record of everyone’s experiences, thoughts, feelings, and info for others going to Haiti in the future. I’d like to see short posts, like tweets, and longer entries. And pictures.
There’s going to be a lot to do to keep things going at home and church with the absence of my wife and so many active members. -Ron